My Yummy Holiday In Hampi After A Continuous Hard Work Of 5 Long Years


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Holidays are something that everyone actually long for because you see professionals only get one day to relax in the week and that is on Sunday. So after working hard for 5 long years I finally got my long off from work whereby I could actually travel and enjoy myself. You may think how far a person can travel when it comes to relaxing himself; well I travelled thousands of kilometres from home all the way from Jaipur to Hampi, which is on Karnataka.

Now in order to make a trip a successful one you need to plan well before you leave from home. Starting from your mode of transport which can be anything starting from a car, train, bus or even an aeroplane and then comes the vital part of a holiday and that is the hotel room for sure. So I got my flight tickets booked on the Air India from Jaipur to Hubli and from Hubli to Hampi I had to take a cab.

Unforgettable the Badane Kaayi

Food is one of the most essential and basic need of the body. Without it, we will surely not be able to survive and live. Through food we intake the vital number of proteins and vitamins that are required which in turn helps us grow, learn, adapt, all in all food is necessary to evolve. Food is generally classified in various different categories. It may be called in different names and pronunciations but that does not change the appearance and neither the properties of the food.

Apart from that the vegetables, fruits, meat, sea food and many more are some of the broad categories into which various types of foods are listed. The Badane Kaayi which means Brinjal or eggplant in Kannada is one of the most consumed vegetables in India. Almost every Indian house consumes this vegetable as there are various ways of preparing it and it is also very healthy for our human body.

Why is it necessary to book the hotel rooms before you set off on a journey?

Just keep one thing in mind when you are off for a holiday and that is you are on a holiday and have come to enjoy yourself so donot think that you will reach the place first and then look for a hotel. You will not find a proper hotel for sure and even if you find the cost of the rooms will be way more than your budget. So instead of wasting time, money and energy when you are on a trip you better book your hotel rooms in advance and enjoy yourself to the utmost on your trip.

Well I am a smart planner so I just jotted down some of my needs on a piece of paper and started off my search on the portal. I found out the rates offered by the Hotel Rock Regency pretty reasonable out of all the Hampi hotels but then before booking the rooms there I gave them a call to confirm if there are all the facilities that have been mentioned on the portal to which they replied yes.

Hampi Hotels

Hampi Hotels

So make sure that you book your hotel rooms well in advance, before you leave from home on a special holiday. Like for me, I use the online travel portals now to book my hotels where once I used to run behind the travel agents who actually used to charge me pretty high after using the same portal that I am using now for booking my hotel rooms. You see time is a big teacher.


Plan An Exhilarating Visit To The Exciting Amusement Parks Of Dubai

Dubai being a major global business and tourist hub attracts travelers of all kinds from all around the world. The city thus also houses a number of amusement parks as the entertainment destination for such travelers. Outfitted with exciting rides, live shows, fun activities, and amusing adventures, the plethora of theme parks of Dubai are converting the city into an exciting playground that you should visit at least once.

img worlds of adventure

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Top 4 Must Visit Theme Parks in Dubai

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without visiting its fun theme parks. Amongst the numerous amusement parks in Dubai, here are some of the most thrilling and exciting parks that you should not miss visiting.

1. IMG Worlds of Adventure

IMG is the world’s largest indoor amusement park spread over an area that is equivalent to 28 football fields. Divided into four zones, the theme park features 20 rides and other attractions such as a dinosaur park, Marvel and Cartoon Network themed areas, and so on. The most famous ride of this adventurous theme park is the Velociprator which is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the entire Dubai.

2. Aqua Venture

Aqua Venture Water Park is the largest water park in the city at the Palm Jumeirah. Equipped with fun slides, zip lines, themed lagoon, and a splash area for children, this water park is the perfect place for adventure and fun seekers.

ski dubai

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3. Ski Dubai

The Ski Dubai is located at the Mall of the Emirates and is the first indoor theme park completely covered by snow. The park is a pleasant respite from the outdoor heat and provides the visitors with the opportunity to snowboard, ski, and interact with penguins. The ice caves and icy body slides of the winter world along with tube slides, chairlift, and other fun events pose as entertaining for visitors.

4. Legoland

As the name suggests, Legoland is a park themed around Legos and was built using 60 million plastic Lego bricks. This popular family park is divided into six areas including the famous Miniland and Lego City, and more than 40 rides and 15,000 Lego models spread around the park. The popular attractions for children include Minions and the Dragon Rollercoaster, along with other activities involving using skills to build structures with Lego.

dubai hotels

Dubai Hotels

Booking Accommodation on Your Trip to Dubai

Since these exciting places and theme parks of Dubai attract visitors and travelers from all over, the city also offers some of the best hotels for accommodation for such travelers. Amongst the various Dubai hotels, some of the premium options include the Eureka Hotel, The H Hotel, Al Waleed Palace Hotel Apartment Al Barsha, City King Hotel, Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, and so on. While the H Hotel is inspired by Arabic architecture and equipped with facilities of spa, sauna, beauty salon, and so on in addition to other basic amenities, the City King Hotel at Dubai Creek features a roof-top outdoor pool and wellness centre along with other facilities. You can search for these hotels and get great deals on them through any online portal providing bookings at these hotels.

When Work Related Visit Turned Into A Joyous Trip!

After working for many years in the same company I finally got a new job regarding which I had to travel from Jammu to Gurgaon. I had few days before the start of my new job so this time I decided to visit the place and explore it before hand. I started with planning for the visit by searching for tickets in trains through which I could reach Gurgaon. I luckily found one in the sleeper class coach of Jammu Ajmer Junction Express 12414. I didn’t have to face any difficulty in getting my tickets done due the presence of online travel portals.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary | Image Resource :

Planning Out My trip

After I booked my tickets the next step I did was to search for hotels where I could stay for few days and therefore I again visited an online travel portal where I found a 3 star hotel which fulfilled all my necessities. I then moved to the part where I sorted out the places to visit their and found out 2 which I could visit namely Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and The Kingdom of Dreams. I heard that these were amongst the most famous places to visit in or near Gurgaon so without wasting any time I boarded my train and left for Gurgaon.

Visit To The Kingdom Of Dreams And Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

As I reached Gurgaon I quickly checked in to my hotel and without wasting any time went out to visit the Kingdom Of Dreams about which my friends told me was an amazing place. As I reached The Kingdom Of Dreams

I was awestruck to see an amazing work of design and architecture. It was amazing to see the creativity and the perfection to which the whole place was structured. It had an out of the world ambience filled with different and bright colours and lights.

The Kingdom Of Dreams also placed emphasis on the historical and cultural richness of our country with beautiful sculptures and a place called “Cultural Gully”. Along with this the place also had two theatres the nautanki mahal and the other being the Showshaa theatre.

The nautanki mahal hosted bollywood musicals which was an amazing experience to have. After the bollywood musicals I went to tickle my food buds and found out that it had a number of restaurants which were state themed providing delicious regional cuisines. I found it to be an absolute mesmerising experience in the kingdom of dreams and the one which was worthwhile.

After I was finished having the amazing experience I started heading towards Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary experience birth watching. The place was filled with birds from 250 different species. Trees like Beris, Neem and many more were planted all around the sanctuary which was familiar to the birds of different species.

There were birds which also visited from faraway places like Siberia and Afghanistan. I absolutely loved the experience of bird watching from the top where the visitors were supposed to stand have a look at the birds.