Indigo Nagpur New Delhi Flights At Low Fares


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Flight travel has become extremely easy and affordable in the country with many new low cost airlines starting their operations in the country. Flight tickets are now available at the cost of AC tickets in Indian railways and hence more and more new passengers are starting to travel by air. You can also book your flight tickets easily in the low cost airlines that have world class services and facilities at low rates for the passengers.

Direct Flights From New Delhi And Nagpur

New Delhi is the administrative capital of the country and there are many direct flights that are available to Delhi from other destinations of the country. Nagpur also has many direct and connecting flights via Mumbai to New Delhi. Indigo is one of the low cost airlines that has started direct flights in the sector for the passengers. Indigo Nagpur New Delhi flights are available in this sector for the passengers.

Online Flight Schedule

Many services and facilities have been started online for the passengers in this sector by the Indigo airlines. Primary service includes the online booking of tickets. You can now book the Indigo Nagpur New Delhi flights in the economy as well as the business class of the airlines online easily. Apart from the online booking of tickets the online flight status and the online flight schedule is also available in the airlines.

Check In To your Flight Online

The direct flights in the sector have the facility of the online check in system. The online check in of the flights have many advantages like the

  • You select the seats online for the journey
  • You can print your boarding passes online
  • Proceed directly to the security check in

The online check in is usually open from 72 hours before the departure of the flight to the 2 hours before its departure from the airport.

Low fare tickets are available in this sector for the passengers. You can book your tickets easily in this sector at least 40 to 50 days in advance and save money on the fares. Usually the lowest air fare day for the journey is Tuesdays. The tickets for the direct flights are lower than the connecting flights.

The Indigo flights follow the policy of no frills. Hence free meals and beverages are not provided in the flight. The same however can be bought on board the Indigo Flights between Nagpur and New Delhi for the travel. Lounge services are also available for the passengers in this sector. You can book the lounge along with the online booking of the tickets in the different classes of the airlines.

Baggage allowance of the airlines is one of the best in the sector. You can carry both checked in baggage and hand luggage for the journey. The specified limit for the normal economy class tickets in the flight is 15 kg for the checked in baggage and 7 kg as carry on baggage. Extra baggage over the specified limit can also be carried by the passengers after paying the additional charges at the airport.