Delhi: Housing Some Of The Exclusive Historical Places Of All Time

Qutub Minar

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Delhi is a land of multiple dynasties and each comes with some historical effects on it. You can go through the city and check out its monuments to learn more. Starting from Qutub Minar to Jantar Mantar, Delhi houses some of the best historical places, along with intricate works on forts, allowing you to have a glimpse of the history and heritage of India.

More on the historical places:

So, have you thought about spending few days in Delhi? If so, then visiting these historical monuments and palaces might open your eyes with some unknown and interesting facts.

lotus temple

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  • Ladho Sarai: Ladho Sarai is stated to be the first city of Delhi and it is also known to be a fortified city. Built by none other than Prithviraj Chauhan, this place is a symbol of great win over Rajputs in 12th century. Starting from the Qila Rai Pithora to Mandi Mosque, there are so many spots for you to visit over here.
  • Haveli Tour: Well, as mentioned already. Delhi holds some of the best Palaces in India. So, try to get your day off for a great haveli tour, where you are not just going to be treated with its exclusive craft work on walls and pillars, but even get the chance to enjoy some “royal cuisines.”
  • Lotus temple: Another historical place for you to venture has to be Lotus Temple. People from around the globe come here to visit this magnificent temple with its real lotus shaped outer dome. Also known as Bhai Temple, this temple was constructed in the year 1986.
  • Mehrauli: Mehrauli is the sign of Slave Dynasty and its rise to power. It all started when Qutubuddin Aibak started bilding Islamic structures. Some of those are Qutab Archaeological Area, Qutab Archaeological Area and more.

ludhiana to delhi trains

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For the trains:

If you are residing in Ludhiana and planning for a trip to Delhi, you have ludhiana to delhi trains to board. There are 131 trains available on a weekly basis and among the lot, Dhauladhar Express is the first to depart. Then you have Goldn Temple Malhour as the last train. There are at least 54 trains that run between Ludhiana to Delhi, and some of these include the Amrapali Express, the Jammu Mail and the Saryu Yamuna Express. The fastest train running between these two destinations is the Amritsar New Delhi Shatabdi Express that takes 3 hours to reach the destination. You can book your travel tickets early to enjoy a hassle-free ride.