When Work Related Visit Turned Into A Joyous Trip!

After working for many years in the same company I finally got a new job regarding which I had to travel from Jammu to Gurgaon. I had few days before the start of my new job so this time I decided to visit the place and explore it before hand. I started with planning for the visit by searching for tickets in trains through which I could reach Gurgaon. I luckily found one in the sleeper class coach of Jammu Ajmer Junction Express 12414. I didn’t have to face any difficulty in getting my tickets done due the presence of online travel portals.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary | Image Resource : wordpress.com

Planning Out My trip

After I booked my tickets the next step I did was to search for hotels where I could stay for few days and therefore I again visited an online travel portal where I found a 3 star hotel which fulfilled all my necessities. I then moved to the part where I sorted out the places to visit their and found out 2 which I could visit namely Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and The Kingdom of Dreams. I heard that these were amongst the most famous places to visit in or near Gurgaon so without wasting any time I boarded my train and left for Gurgaon.

Visit To The Kingdom Of Dreams And Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

As I reached Gurgaon I quickly checked in to my hotel and without wasting any time went out to visit the Kingdom Of Dreams about which my friends told me was an amazing place. As I reached The Kingdom Of Dreams

I was awestruck to see an amazing work of design and architecture. It was amazing to see the creativity and the perfection to which the whole place was structured. It had an out of the world ambience filled with different and bright colours and lights.

The Kingdom Of Dreams also placed emphasis on the historical and cultural richness of our country with beautiful sculptures and a place called “Cultural Gully”. Along with this the place also had two theatres the nautanki mahal and the other being the Showshaa theatre.

The nautanki mahal hosted bollywood musicals which was an amazing experience to have. After the bollywood musicals I went to tickle my food buds and found out that it had a number of restaurants which were state themed providing delicious regional cuisines. I found it to be an absolute mesmerising experience in the kingdom of dreams and the one which was worthwhile.

After I was finished having the amazing experience I started heading towards Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary experience birth watching. The place was filled with birds from 250 different species. Trees like Beris, Neem and many more were planted all around the sanctuary which was familiar to the birds of different species.

There were birds which also visited from faraway places like Siberia and Afghanistan. I absolutely loved the experience of bird watching from the top where the visitors were supposed to stand have a look at the birds.